Our Key Results Area

  • Delivery of high quality clinical care, patient transport, rescue and retrieval services.
  • Working in partnership with our clients other health agencies, emergency service organisations and stakeholders.
  • Develop and support our staff to lead, manage and deliver pre-hospital care.
  • Continually improve performance and value through optimising organisational structure, business processes and systems.


Our Customer Services Standards

  • Ensuring the maintenance of a 24 hours, seven days a week, pre-hospital, emergency clinical care, medical retrieval and health related transport system.
  • Ensuring in an emergency that control will efficiently dispatch ambulance officers to provide treatment as rapidly as possible. For non-emergencies, ambulance officers will be dispatched in accordance with the clinical need of the patient.
  • Improving and maintaining the health of patients in pre-hospital care and during transport to hospital or other health facilities.
  • Providing accredited services to specific bases throughout our client distribution.
  • Coordinating aeromedical responses and retrievals as part of overall ambulance services.
  • Ensuring that all services are delivered in a professional and courteous manner.
  • Providing effective communication with patients and customers.
  • Ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of any personal information held on patients is respected.


Our Stakeholders

  • Patients and those close to them.
  • The community, including special needs groups, culturally diverse interest groups and disadvantaged groups.
  • Our employees, volunteers and their families.
  • Local, Provincial and National Government. 
  • Other emergency service organisations.
  • Unions and employee industrial associations.
  • Community services and health care providers.
  • Private ambulance services and health authorities.
  • Professional bodies and health institutions.
  • Suppliers of goods and services.


Our Goals and Objectives

Short Term



  • To provide quality health care services that is affordable within the Limpopo Province and the surrounding areas;
  • To establish an emergency service that is efficient with reduced response time, to ensure optimal patient recovery and reduce mortality;
  • To employ minimum of 54 personnel who views quality of service as an imperative
  • To expand regionally to penetrate new markets while consolidating service capability.
  • To establish a fire and rescue service with skilled capabilities to confine and contain a large scale of emergency incident
  • To provide quality and affordable training within the Limpopo Province.




Medium Term



  • To increase the level of service provided to Limpopo Province
  • To attain contracts with different stakeholders in both mining and heavy industrial sectors
  • To be financially viable
  • To expand quality management services to all stake holders



Long Term


  • Expand services to include a fully operational fire and rescue unit with multi discipline units,
  • Expand Emergency services to the entire Limpopo Province and surrounding Provinces
  • To provide sustainable job opportunities to the community of Limpopo Province and surrounding Provinces
  • To establish 24 hours casualty clinics throughout the mining sector of Limpopo and the surrounding Provinces.